We visited villages adjacent Mikumi National Park to encourage them produce honey as their source of livelihood.Their livelihood normally depend on agriculture by cultivating maize, rice and beans, they have expanded their farms to nearby the park as a result elephants and baboons are attracted to eat their crops. This situation has made most of villagers to lose  crops and therefore their livelihood become threatened.

ECOWICE is encouraging these communities to produce honey and reduce their dependence on farming, we help them to increase productivity and support them to obtain market. The village is far from the market centers (i.e Morogoro municipal and Dar es Salaam city), they also cant add value to compete in the market.

ECOWICE  through its processing and packaging industry, purchases honey from villagers, pack and sell to the identified market.Packed honey is labelled with brand name SAVE WILD to raise conservation awareness to consumers



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