Environmental Conservation for Wildlife and Community Enterprise is a non-governmental Organization established on 2014, by graduates of Bsc. Wildlife management at Sokoine University of Agriculture (studying that time).

ECOWICE aims to conserve biodiversity by enhancing communities adjacent protected areas to reduce destructive activities such as unsustainable agriculture, poaching and tree cutting. It is a nongovernmental organization that uses a commercial enterprise to provide market support for environmental friendly commodities produced by communities. To facilitate conservation awareness, to urban consumers, Products of the commercial enterprise are branded with the name SAVE WILD.

ECOWICE also promote conservation awareness through SAVE WILD CLUB, the club work with all the public starting from students to people from work, it bring together different stakeholders to share their knowledge about conservation  through workshops, class lessons, forums and publications.


  1. Enhancing rural communities to improve crop productivity per household
  2. Enhancing rural communities to reduce ecosystem degradation through sustainable agriculture
  3. Enhancing rural communities to generate income from environmental friendly income generating activities
  4. Enhancing rural communities by adding value on the commodities they produce
  5. Provide market with fair price as an incentive for biodiversity conservation

Promote stakeholder awareness on different issues relating to wildlife conservation and local people economic activities


The organization is owned by members who make decisions through Annual general meeting. The president with advisory board are responsible to oversee daily activities of the organization implemented by the management team.

Management team is headed by Chief executive officer with the following;

  1. Administrative manager
  2. Programme manager
  3. Accounting officer
  4. Training officer
  5. Processing and packaging officer
  6. Sales and marketing officer
  7. Planning officer
  8. Public relation officer
  9. Promotion and communication officer
  10. Human resource officer.


  1. Non-governmental organization act no.24 of 2002 of the United Republic of Tanzania
  2. ECOWICE Constitution
  3. ECOWICE 2016-2019 Corporate strategic plan
  4. ECOWICE Management plans


  1. Capacity building trainings

Capacity building trainings help to enhance  communities to produce more commodities and also increase capacity to facilitators

  1. Crop production

Trained villagers are enhanced to produce commodities that are bought by the commercial enterprise of ECOWICE.

  1. Processing and packaging

Commodities bought from villagers are   processed and packed with  brand name      ‘save wild ‘

  1. Sales and marketing

ECOWICE ensure all commodities produced by villagers are sold and substantial revenue is         generated.

  1. Volunteering activities

ECOWICE members volunteer on different activities including;

  • Administrative activities
  • Conservation activities
  • Agriculture activities
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • ICT
  1. Public awareness

ECOWICE conduct public awareness through;

  • Social media
  • Conservation education
  • ·Forums
  • · Media
  • · Workshops
  • · Documentaries