Members are very important especially to a growing organization like ECOWICE. They increase trustworthy, calling volunteers, nothing but greater, they increase a chance for getting financial, material and technical support. The organization requires members to attain many things if not all.

Therefore to ECOWICE, seeking members in every corner of the world is inevitable.

After recognizing the importance of members, ECOWICE is now seeking individuals and groups who can volunteer on different activities of the organization. Such activities include;

  1. Administrative activities
    This may include project designing and implementation, planning issues, public relation
  2. Conservation
    This is done to secondary school students including Conservation awareness, Bird watching and Study tour
  3. Agriculture activities
    Provide extension service to small scale farmers
  4. Fundraising
    Provide support on fundraising strategies and networking
  5. Marketing
    Help to expand market on save wild products

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Provide ICT support on different issues

Therefore the following groups will qualify to be members;
(Becoming member of ECOWICE has no limit line)

  1. Students & Pupils
    Students(from secondary school to University)
    People from work
    Other groups, companies, organizations, institutions and all individuals
  2. Membership recruitments
    ECOWICE members are recruited through
    Visiting schools, Universities and colleges
    Visiting different organizations, institutions, companies and other groups
    Contacting with parties who receive foreign visitors, these include; tour operators, head of departments (i.e. in Academic institutions e.t.c) and hotel managers.
    Inviting volunteers through social media and website

Members are recuited by filling the following forms.
Ordinary member
Honorary member

♥ Membership benefits;
→Getting volunteering opportunity
→Getting volunteering certificates
→Getting membership card
→Getting experience on different social, conservation and enterpreneurship issues