Environmental Conservation for Wildlife and Community Enterprise (ECOWICE) is a non-governmental Organization established on 2014 under the 2002 act of Non-governmental organizations of the united republic of Tanzania


  1. Enhancing rural communities to reduce ecosystem degradation
  2. Enhancing rural communities to improve crop productivity per household
  3. Enhancing rural communities to generate income from environmental friendly income generating activities
  4. Promote value addition and enterprise development
  5. Provide market support for biodiversity conservation
  6. Promote stakeholder awareness on different issues relating to wildlife conservation and local people economic activities

ECOWICE encourage rural community to improve their production practices and support them to produce products that are less destructive to the environment and then ensure market access. We enhance them to turn out products like bee products, mushrooms and cinnamon that are then sold to the urban market Click here

We have a business model that enhance purchasing of products, add value and then deliver to the market. The profit obtained return back to communities as income and support for capacity building.http://www.ecowice.org/save-wild-enterprise/

We have the model that enhance students from secondary schools to university to engage on conservation activities, University students are encouraged to invest on the business model from which they are also  obtain capital for starting their own conservation initiatives. Apart from financial benefits youths are trained on how to design and implement such initiatives, to Secondary school students are engaged to environmental education program that enhance them grow with habit of protecting nature. Click here